How to Survive the Holidays as a Vegan

With the holidays upon us it can be a little overwhelming for vegans to navigate through all the festivities while trying to maintain their lifestyle. Whether you’re invited to parties you know will have limited food options or not sure how to broach the subject at social gatherings, here are a few tips to help:

Offer your help

In my experience when it comes to holiday parties, people don’t always know what is vegan friendly. The best way to counter this is to offer your help, either by offering to bring a yummy vegan dish, offering to help host or simply communicating your dietary needs. People are always happy to accommodate and by offering help, you take the pressure off others and put the focus back on the festivities. 

Need help veganizing holiday favourites? Check out this helpful blog by PETA. 

Stand your ground 

Whether it’s someone questioning your choices or peer pressure to give in and try something non-vegan, politely stand your ground. Save the debates and politics for another time. It’s the holidays and about celebrating and spending time with those you love. Simply state your beliefs, politely decline and move on. 


I’m always tempted by non-vegan goodies.  And feel serious guilt just thinking about taking a bite out of all those holiday treats. I have a major sweet tooth and vegan versions are not always available. But it’s the holidays. And if you’re really needing to indulge, go for it without guilt and without feeling the need to justify yourself to anyone. So next time you’re at a party and see a gingerbread cookie with your name on it or want to enjoy that drink with Bailey’s, go for it. Tomorrow is another day. 


What better gift than to be thankful for all the food choices we have available. Not everyone has the ability to make food choices based on preferences. I’m grateful for my ability to live a lifestyle and make choices that I believe help alleviate the suffering of humans and animals. 

Happy holidays, everyone!

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